Question: How do I contact Shooting Hoops? 

Answer: My email is info@shootinghoops.com and you can find me on instagram @shootinghoops

Question: Where do you ship? 

Answer: I ship to USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia.      

Question: What frames do you use?

Answer:  Black Frame, White Frame, Light Grey, Natural Wood and Distressed White

Question: What frame should I use?

Answer: Picking the right frame is very personal.  If you're unsure which direction to go or have something specific in mind, please email me and I will personally help you out.   

Question: Do you do custom sized prints? 

Answer:  Yes.  I can do any size or arrangement.  Email me to arrange.   

Question: Do you license photos? 

Answer: Yes.  I am lucky to have worked with a bunch of big brands, including Nike, Twitter, T-Mobile and many more.  My images were also exclusively used for the New York Times Best Seller 'The Playbook'.  

Question:  Where can I purchase your Nike T-shirt? 

Answer:  Having my work featured on a popular Nike T-shirt was definitely a career highlight, but I don't personally sell them.  You can purchase through Nike and Footlocker.

Question:  Where else can I learn about Shooting Hoops?

Answer:  I have been featured by a number of media outlets including The Wall Street Journal and The Daily Mail. Check them out here: 



Question: Are you open to collaborations?  

Answer: Absolutely.  Hit me up!